10 Inspiring Church Website Designs

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Here’s a list of 10 Church Website Designs for inspiration. We’ve all seen drab, tacky-looking Christian website designs before, haven’t we? So this is a selection of sites that promote Churches in unique and visually attractive ways.

Some are more out-there than others, but each has a unique quality that brings a professionalism to the churches they represent. Worldly business’s, organisations and attractions have great site’s—so should Christian sites, too…


Visit the Edgepoint Church site


Visit the Celebration Church site


Visit the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ site


Visit the StoneBriar Community Church site


Visit the College Park Church site


Visit the Kingsfield Church site

Visit the Knoxlife Church site


Visit the River City Church site


Visit the Trinity Birmingham site


Visit the Church on the Rock site

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9 thoughts on “10 Inspiring Church Website Designs”

  1. Filo

    Wow, thanks a lot for this post!
    Most designs are in brown mode! Maybe brown is now cool.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @ Filo

    Yeah, you’re right. I never really noticed that before when I was researching the list. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Sammy Mateo

    These are some awesome sites there. Love the textured feel and depth in the design. I recently overhauled, after 10 years, my churches site using WP as a CMS and used a lot of these sites for inspiration before I ever saw this post. Guess we have good taste in common mate. 🙂
    .-= Sammy Mateo´s last blog ..Todos Los Dias Demos Gracias =-.

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrea → Thanks for sharing your work 🙂

    @Sammy → Haha, yeah, WordPress is a near-must for a church website I reckon. Alhough there are some other great CMS options out there, WP is good for the designer and client alike. I’m currently adapting a WP template for a church as we speak. I’ll write a post about it when it’s finalised…

  5. Adam

    I have recently been amazed at the innovative use of social media and other current internet trends by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The design is definitely a little more reserved than some of these but I think they keep it simple and elegant.

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    Adam → Thanks for commenting, but I have deleted the mormon links. This article is for Christian Church sites, and I do not agree with the mormon faith.

    Please see more information in the following article:


  7. Brad

    It is a shame you removed the LDS links. Mormon.org is Beautiful, well designed site. Funny how un-Christian folks can be when they judge others for believing in Christ, the same as they do. If you go to their site you might realize they are just as Christian as you so claim to be. Dont be ignorant.

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    Brad → I am not being ignorant. If I am, then I am ignorant for Jesus Christ. A Christian is someone who believes 100% in the Holy Bible, and does not hold to false doctrines taught in man-made, uninspired books like the ones Mormons hold to. Like stated above, the linked article outlines the differences.

    You’ll also note that I do not promote any other extra-biblical beliefs, such as the one’s held by Jehovah’s Witnesses and the myriad of evil cults out there.

    I’m unsure as to what other Christian blogs you’ve visited before Brad, but on here, I stand for Jesus. Christianity is not just a religion, but true Christians have the indwelt Holy Spirit. We live for Jesus and shun false doctrine.

    I have agree with everyone I came across in the life, then I’d be doing something wrong. No, we can’t all get along. True Christians cannot and will not compromise our faith.

    This is the problem with today’s so-called Christians. They like the label but don’t walk the walk.

    With the emergence of this so-called “Chrislam on the way, whereby Churches have been holding joint meeting with Islamic people, this is the time to make a stand and not water-down the Christian faith.

    Not for Mormons. Not for the JW’s. Not for Islam – and not so I don’t try to offend others.

    In love, Andrew.