15+ Outstanding Christian T-Shirt Designs

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I’m a big fan of Christian T-Shirt Designs. So much so, I have found some outstanding examples, along with a couple of my own in here too! Enjoy…

Faith can move mountains – Christian Tee

Faith can move mountains - Christian T-Shirt Design image

This ‘Faith can move mountains’ Christian Tee is pretty cool, too!

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Jesus Freak – Trending Christian Design

Jesus Freak - Trending Christian Design image

This retro-style Christian tee shows the DC Talk classic lyric – Jesus Freak.

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Jesus the Savior Emblem – Christian Tee Design

Jesus the Savior Emblem - Christian Design image

Next, this Tee reads: Jesus the Savior, another one of my Christian T-Shirt Designs available on the Kelsorian Store!

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Outstanding Christian T-Shirt design “His Blood Still Works”

Outstanding Christian Tshirt design entitled - His Blood Still Works

About: American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirts are made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort.
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Philippians 2:14 Bible Verse Design

Philippians 2:14 Bible Verse Design image

Modern design based on Philippians 2:14 Bible Verse.

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Jesus Christ Hashtag – Christian Hashtag Slogan

Jesus Christ Hashtag - Christian Hashtag image

This ‘Jesus Christ Hashtag’ design deconstructs the typical hashtag to get the the core of following Jesus Christ. This is a great Christian Design & Religious Artwork. The main message of the Jesus Slogan: Are you for Him or against Him? #MakeYourChoice

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Jesus Christ is LORD (I know THAT much) Slogan

Jesus Christ is LORD Slogan

Jesus Christ is LORD (I know THAT much) Slogan – you don’t need to know a lot, but make sure you know the TRUTH! Wear this Tee with pride. Also available in many other items, too!

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One Size Fits All

Christian Tee One Size Fits All image

This design is based on 1 John 2:2 (ESV) – ‘He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.’ The whole point of this design is to simply show that the one act of Jesus Christ dying on the cross and rising again 3 days later, is enough for anyone who comes to Him, repents of their sins and then lives in Him. The crown of thorns design represents this in a simple manner – that ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Simple.

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‘Fire Extinguisher For Hell’ Christian T-Shirt Designs

Image of my new Christian Tee design for sale, Fire Extinguisher For Hell

Moreover, here is my latest design “Fire Extinguisher For Hell“, hot-off-the-heels after my other signage-related Tee, “First Aid Cross“.

Do you need to extinguish to fires of hell? This isn’t possible, but the Bible shows how to truly escape the flames!

This Christian Tee is available on my ‘Kelsorian’ online store, and is available in 100’s variations of colour and clothing type.

I have this design available as iPhone or Samsung phone cases, Pillows, throws and prints over here on my Society6 Kelsorian store.

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You’ll Need Nails to Build Your Faith, Christian T-Shirt

Christian Tee Design

About: American Apparel Organic Fine Jersey T-shirts are made with 100% USDA Certified Organic cotton combed for softness and comfort.

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Christian Tee – FIRST AID T-Shirt…

Christian Tee Design in green colour

FIRST AID T-Shirt: Available to buy in a variety of colors, and available as Tee’s, tank-tops, hoodies and other apparel for both men and women.

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Proverbs 31:10 | She is More Precious than Jewels

Proverbs 31:10 She is More Precious than Jewels image

Modern Proverbs 31:10 print based on the popular Proverbs 31 Woman verse. This instant download printable would look great on a bedroom wall. Design is mostly black with some red, which would look great printed on thick paper if possible. “Proverbs 31:10 She is More Precious than Jewels”.

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#KnowingGODmatters Tee

knowinggodmatters Christian T-Shirt Designs

About: American Apparel Tri-Blend Jersey T-Shirts are made with 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton and 25% Rayon. Enjoy everything you love about the fit, feel and durability of a vintage T-shirt.

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Blessed by Jesus Christ Design

Blessed by Jesus Christ Design image

Modern design based on the following text ‘We are all Blessed by Jesus Christ’ – Christian Art Print which shows a blessed life.

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Geometric Cross Design

Geometric Cross Design image

Geometric Cross Design. This would make a great talking point hanging on your wall or as a tee!

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42aFurnace Christian T-Shirt Designs

Front of Christian T-shirt

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C.C.T.V Sign: The Lord is Watching Christian Tee

CCTV Sign the Lord is Watching Christian T-Shirt Designs image

The image above shows one of my own Christian T-Shirt Designs saying ‘CCTV Sign the Lord is Watching’.

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Repent Cross Trailer Christian Tee

Repent trailer Christian T-Shirt Designs image

Above: REPENT CROSS TRAILER. Soon, it may be too late! This is a design of my own, released under my ‘Kelsorian‘ branding and shop.

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Geometric Cross – Geometric Heart

Geometric Cross Geometric Heart image

Geometric Cross with Heart (which represents Jesus’ love and what He did for us on the Cross). This would make a great talking point hanging on your wall or on a Tee 🙂

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44 thoughts on “15+ Outstanding Christian T-Shirt Designs”

  1. T-Shirt Shop

    Are you really a christian tees fan? Good for you! I’m catholic and I’m touched by this cool tees. The “Hero” one and the Jesus button are a little bit to out of place, but the rest are superb, specially the Lifeguard tee. Amazing job!

  2. PAUL



  3. Andrew Kelsall

    @ T-Shirt Shop

    Yes, I am a Christian T fan 🙂 Yeah, the Lifeguard one does draw the eye. It’s a great design.

    @ Paul

    Yeah, people can be saved in this Web 2.0 world of ours. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Pat W. Kirk

    Nice. I especially like the word find and the organ donor. Hero is a lovely design, too.

  5. Cody Jensen

    Sorry, but I can’t stand “christian” t-shirts. I have been a christian for many years and I even used to wear “christian” t-shirts.

    My biggest thing towards them actually carries over to more than just t-shirts, and that thing is Why can’t Christians be original? Why can’t they make up their own ideas? Instead of coping what the “world” does and add a clever Christian twist on it, why can’t they design shirts so good that there apart of the world, living among the clothing racks of the “worldly” t-shirts. Isn’t that what Jesus did? Since when did Jesus separate himself from the world?

    Also, since when has a t-shirt saved anyone? Are lives should show off the love of christ so much that it doesn’t take a t-shirt to let people know we are christians. I’m not saying that I’m to that point, cause I’m not, but I strive to let the love of Jesus show through me, and thats the reason people would want to talk to me about Jesus not because I have a copy cat christian t-shirt on.

    Cody Jensen’s last blog post..Fine Art

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    @ Cody

    I can see your point, but these T-shirts I have selected are from one particular online retail outlet. I saw them, liked them—and shared them on my blog to inspire people.

    Yours views on the subject are a little pessimistic in my opinion. These T-shirts are aimed at promoting Jesus, in the most part, in a quirky way and style. I’m sure there are plenty of other designs out there that are of a different style and purpose to these.

    You say “since when has a t-shirt saved anyone”? Well, I suspect many, in an indirect way. For young people in particular, it could be a great conversation-starter about Jesus, for instance.

    @ Pat

    I’m a massive fan of the Obama HOPE Tee myself, but there’s merit in all of them. Yeah, the Organ Donor one is quite a good design, too. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Skysofly

    I am not a fan of “Christian” t-shirts. To me it almost promotes less confrontation and more of an “this is the extent of my religion.” It’s quite obvious that can’t be said of all humanity, don’t get me wrong on that.

    I do like some of the designs, though I am opposed to anything Obama. I can’t stand when Christians imitate him, even if the designers did a fabulous job (which they did)

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    @Skysofly → Funny you should mention Obama. I just heard that he did a speech in the States whereby the Cross was deliberately covered-up? If this is the case, I hope it had nothing to do with him (his staff, etc). If I hear that he does that kind of thing—denying Christ, that mock-image will be removed from my blog.

    As-is, I’ll wait to hear more news on the matter before proceeding…

    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  9. Sky

    Obama has done many wrong / anti-Christian things. I’m surprised many outside the states don’t know. Obama has stated that we aren’t a Christian nation but a nation of Muslims, Jews, Hindus and the like. In other words, we are no longer a nation under one God but many gods and that we shouldn’t favor our Christian roots but embrace progressive activism.

    Obama, though a great leader (as I’m sure he is) has done many things that I wholeheartedly disagree with. Funding outside-the-U.S. abortion clinics during this recession is one thing that makes me sick to my stomach. How can a “man of faith” endorse murder?

    Studying other countries news sources is always good. Thats what I do every morning before work. I go online and check at least 10 news outlets from around the world to make sure I have a good understanding of what is going on.

  10. Andrew Kelsall

    @Sky → Hmm, wasn’t aware of these things, although, come to think of it, I heard somethink awhile ago that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but celebrates halloween? Red flags are starting to emerge in my thinking about this man.

    After taking another look at the Jesus Tshirt, I reckon that it should stay in the lineup, as actually, it sort of says “Obama is not your hope or saviour, but Jesus IS”. I’m looking at it in a different light, despite the Obama issues.

    Thanks again for your contribution…

  11. Sky

    Yeah red flags went up for me a while ago 😛

    And I didn’t notice that line on the shirt. Makes sense!

  12. Andrew Kelsall

    @Jeff → That reminds me, I’m going to an article on the WWJD – What would Jesus Do? subject.

    Thanks Jeff & Sky for your comments 🙂

  13. rose

    i love all the designs, and i think wearing a christian t shirt is a great way to show your heart is really following Jesus. and stand up for your beliefs……

  14. Andrew Kelsall

    @Rose → That’s what I think, too. I had a Delirious T-shirt once that was written in Cola-Cola style text. Loved it, although it’s too small for me now 🙁

    Thanks for commenting…

  15. Josh

    Despite not particularly liking these tshirts, due to I guess the cheese rating, I don’t deny that they do well and that lots of people buy them (I have seen first hand at festivals)

    I decided just recently to set up a brand (christian) but with the aim of selling fashionable clothing that doesn’t force a view in the face..

    It’s just beginning and we have lots of ideas but check out our facebook page..

  16. Lynne

    Just stumbled across your site. I read the above comments and have to say that I really enjoy your T’s. Sometimes we are too afraid to wear our Christianity (no pun intended), whether it’s on our clothing as a “sign” posted for all to see, or to carry our Bibles with us in public, or to simply share as we walk. We need to walk the talk.
    My husband (50 yrs old) used to have a wonderful T-shirt, that I’m sure many remember: His pain, Your gain. He had a lot of looks with it. I’ve since seen a few young guys with it as well. As for the one who thought the Hero T and the Jesus button T being out of place…don’t understand why? Good job. (Hmmm, maybe we’ll all be issued a t-shirt when we get to heaven, haha)

  17. i-mean-c'mon-really

    Wow, I mean, I understand that there are just a few people on this site praising this garbage, but really. Not only does this go against any real reasoning that Christianity still has left anyway c’mon on, did Paul run around with “Jesus saves” on his robe written in mud. this is insane people- I see this in malls and other places selling mindless propaganda and I just stumbled on to this site looking up the Obama picture, which is the most racist capitalization I’ve ever seen (no, I’m not African American or an Obama supporter). That picture is exactly what I’m talking about. That is hate meets not any understanding meets fear- meets capital. That is the only reason that you guy’s religion even exists (and no I’m not a Zionist). You capitalize off of the fear and need to have belief to sell this trash.

  18. Lee

    I just love the tees, im from south africa and all our local products have a common brand, “proudly south african”. I think thats the same attitude we should have as Christians, to be “proudly Christain”.God Himself is a diverse God and he doesn’t just use the pulpit to minister to somebody. He is creative, He’s unique and if it’s a tshirt that can save this generation from hell, then a tshirt He’ll use. Keep up the great work and I hope more people get to appreciate this kind of “preaching”

  19. Sue Richards

    I love your site and most of the t-shirts – am going to forward this to Anna who works in the church office http://www.jubileechurchfarnham.org as she is very creative and I’m sure she would find your site really inspiring especially as she works with youth projects and is always looking for prizes to give out at the Kidz Club she runs with her husband (which has been an amazing project drawing in newcomers every week). Thanks for all of it – keep up the great work. Sue.

  20. minister of the Gospel

    Why the Hate on Obama, the man is a christian just like everyone else. Shirts are not to promote the entire spectrum of christianity, but the bible did say in Matthew to go. . . . and spread the good news, what a wonderful way to spread it by witnessing to someone about your Tshirt. . . . are we missing the point all of you who are not fans of christian Tshirts. . . . maybe you should adjust your faith a little bit. . . . . .

  21. Andrew Kelsall

    Thanks All for your comments. Seems like there’s not set opinion on Christian Tees, but in my opinion, anything design that is made to Glorify God and does not stray from a Biblical standpoint is fine with me.

  22. ahtide24

    the designs are really cool. why kept on arguing about Christianity on wearing a Christian designed t-shirt? i can’t see anything wrong about it. i think that the people who designed these shirts just wanted to express their love for Christ and thanksgiving for the talent that God has given to them. These t-shirts show a cool and expressive way of sharing God’s word to people who can see it.
    Acts 4:20 Peter says, “We cannot keep quiet about what we have seen and heard.”
    I really love the designs. I wanted also to design a t-shirt for our youth group someday. Thanks. God bless you!

  23. Jasmine

    ohhh these are so creative!

  24. Andrew Kelsall

    @Ahtide → I agree 100% 🙂

    @Jasmine → Thanks for stopping by.

  25. Derek

    Hi Andrew

    Love the shirts….for Christians we know who our Saviour is!!

    To the world we have got to speak the language of our communities, speak what they understand and identify with, and the Gospel is just that….showing Jesus in everything they see….even if it is a t shirt with a well known brand that they know!!!

  26. muzvaretai

    i love the tees especially the organ donor on. To those who dont really support this kind of preaching all i have to say is that God will be the final judge of everything. If people are wearing such yet not living the message then woe unto them but for you as an individual wear it proudly.

    At my university in pretoria south africa we where tees with the gospel on them and im honoured to let pple know who i am, they are quite successful and get peoples attention and hence a door to share Christ.

    lets stop wasting time analysing things too much when we can be doing all we possibly can to win souls and depopulate hell, that is our ultimate calling.

  27. Andrew Kelsall

    @Derek → I agree. A simple Tee could be the spark that ignines a journey towards Salvation in Christ Jesus.

    @muzvaretai → True, and I consider even wearing a Christian Tee is a sign of bearing fruit for Jesus. It’s can only be a small matter to some people, but other Christians could face persecution for wearing one in some places on the planet. It’s all part of the great commission 🙂

  28. Monika

    is there a chance to get your tshirts in Chile???

  29. hobojones

    scary, folks! this is bl***y scary! AHHH!

    *runs screaming from the website*

  30. Andrew Kelsall

    @Monika → I’ll repost my original text from the start of this post: I’m a big fan of Christian T-Shirt Designs. So much so, I have found 15 outstanding examples from WithinHisGrace.com to show you here …so please ask them 🙂

    @hobojones → May I suggest to “run” to this page: “Is it wrong to be angry with God?” >> http://www.gotquestions.org/angry-with-God.html

  31. C.F


    Your t-shirt designs are awesome!! I’ll pass a link to your site along to some friends.

  32. Andrew Kelsall

    C.F → I already stated at the top of this post “I have found 15 outstanding examples from WithinHisGrace.com”

    These are not my designs…



  34. Roopa

    Christian Tshirts is a great way to inspire others and spread christianity anywhere around the world! It would be such a great idea esp. for people who really dont know about christ and it could help them get to know him through us! Nice collection! God’s love and grace be with you always!

  35. Joel Merritt

    Love that all of the designs you picked are From Kerusso Activewear http://www.kerusso.com Vic Kennet and his crew always put together some really great designs that get you thinking and as you said can be real conversation starters.

    I personally designed the Jesus Button for Kerusso and did the color separations for the Hero design. so thanks for the nod.

    In Christ,

  36. deo garcia

    i like your shirts were can i buy this here in the phillipines?

  37. Lorene Troyer

    I like the t-shirt designs- very creative and thought provoking

  38. Pilar Montealegre

    I liked all of them, too creative,too actual, too direct! I would love to get some !


    This collection of Christian T-Shirts is very clever and obviously Holy Spirit inspired. They are an option for witnessing without scaring people who don’t understand but, are curious about living Saved!!!

  40. Corey

    I have been designing shirts at ToolsForChrist.com and have a nce collection of unique designs. I would love to hear how everyone thinks they compare to your favorites.

  41. Andrew Kelsall

    What a disgraceful comment. Here on Pure, I try to witness about Jesus, not boast about how “your designs are better”. The people who created these designs have the intent of seeing people Saved by Jesus Christ. You’d better find another site to go and troll.

  42. Brendon

    I’m not really a fan of those kinds of t-shirts… I think they’re kinda cheesy (even though I’ve designed one in the same vein myself)

    I’m generally not into popular stuff anyway… If you’d like to check out my Jesus Terminator design, here’s the link;

  43. Juan C

    Amazing, i love it!!!