21st Century Evangelicals: Infographics PDF Download

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I recently read a new PDF booklet complied by the Evangelical Alliance here in the UK, who have just released an amazing Infographics PDF which is available to download.

Basically, the document is a survey of 17,000 Evangelical and non-Evangelical Christians who attended Christian events such as Grapevine, organised by the Groundlevel Network.

I haven’t read it all fully as yet, but it makes very good skim-reading due to its heavy use of fantastic infographics (page 12 example, whereby Assisted Suicide, Hell, Evolution, Woman in Leadership and Homosexuality are addressed):

21st Century Evangelicals page pdf

This booklet makes a fantastic and insightful read, and will be useful to Christians, non-Christians and people of other faiths.

You can download the PDF or even order a printed copy form their site.

Have you read the PDF. What do you think? What questions would you like to have seen in there? What kind of answers surprised, shocked or inspired you? Please leave your comments below…

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