10 Awesome Church Website Designs

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A while ago a compiled a list of 10 Inspiring Church Website Designs  here on PCGD. Well now, I have 10 more for you to enjoy! In this age of social media and internet use, I think it’s important for churches to have a good-looking website. Even churches with limited budgets can set them up with free templates, but many have custom built sites, too. Here’s a list of 10 awesome website designs that Im sure will be visually pleasing to their visitors…

Rolling Hills Community Church

Rolling Hills Community Church Site

Visit the Rolling Hills Community Church Site.

Hosanna Church, Houston

Hosanna Church, Houston

Visit Hosanna Church.

The Village Church

The Village Church

Visit the Village Church website.

121 Community Church

The 121cc Church

Visit the 121 Community Church site.

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Emmaus Bible Church

Emmausbible Church Website

Visit the Emmaus Bible Church Website.

Mission68 Church

Mission68 Chrch Website

Visit the Mission68 Church Website.

The City Church

The City Church Website

Visit The City Church Website.

220 Power Church

220 Power Church Site

Visit the 220 Power Church Site.

Longhollow Church

Longhollow Church Website

Take a look at the Longhollow Church Website.

Canyon Creek Church

Canyon Creek Church screenshot

Visit the Canyon Creek Church Site. Credits: Church Website Designs – All images are Copyright © respective holders and linked under each screen-shot.

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  1. Boutros AbiChedid

    Wow! They are all very nice. Just in time for my inspiration for my coming up project (a church Website).