I’m Annoyed by this Billboard Design

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Jesus Returning Dec 21 2011 image

I’m starting to get really annoyed of certain individuals and organisations telling the world that Jesus will return on a certain date. Despite Jesus Himself telling us in the Bible that no man knows the day or hour( Matthew 24:36-44), the internet is abound with predictive dates.

If it’s not December 21st 2012, it’s May 21st and any other date that people “calculate”. Take a look at the billboard design above; it should never have been designed. It will mislead people and strips Christians of their credibility.

If you are a Christian and have your heart set on such-and-such a date, please stop it. Just live your life for Jesus and quit worrying about such things. Yes, we will know when the time is near, and personally, I do believe we are close to Christ’s Return, but we are Not to try and set dates.

Further reading (off site): Is it possible to know when Jesus is coming back?

What’s your opinion on such matters?

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