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Hi! My name is Andrew Kelsall (BA Hons), a Christian Graphic Designer who designs logos, stationary, CD Album Designs and other custom works. I design for clients worldwide, including the USA, Australia and here in the UK.

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I aim to answer all design quote requests within 24 hours on weekdays, and will respond with an accurate quotation which is tailored to your requirements. If you don’t get an email back from me, please check your Spam/Trash folder.

How Much Will a Custom CD Album Design Cost?

Typically, it depends on how long it would take to produce your CD Album Design or sleeve (also, EP Design, Etc), which is dependent on factors such as the amount of booklet pages, and if it’s either photo or illustration-based . This is why it is important that I attain as much information as I can from you…

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Note: This form is for custom CD Album Design. If your Quote Request is for a Business Logo, Church Logo, Custom Request or illustration, please use any of these dedicated forms instead of this one:

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What CD Format do you require?

It would be really useful to know what type of CD format you require and how many pages in the booklet if one is required, as it will effect how long it would take to design your CD Sleeve. If you are unsure, or you only need artwork for an online-only release (such as on iTunes and Spotify, etc), please give details. Common choices are DigiPack cardboard cases and 8-Page Jewel Boxes:

IF you require a Standard Jewel Case design, how many pages do you want in the booklet? (2,4,6,8-Page/8-Page Accordion / 8-Page Double-Fold / 8-Page Gate Fold/8-Page Roll Fold Insert / 10-Page / Other—Please specify):

General Questions:

What kind of CD do you require? (Album / Single / EP / Promotional/ Other—Please specify):

Do you have a Record Label? If so, who/which one? Please specify web address if known:

Do you plan to have a Barcode on the CD?

Do you know who is going to print and/or duplicate your CD’s? If so, which company/service? Please specify web address if known:

Do you have all the logos that are needed in your design (Record Label, Band Logo, etc.)

Do you require the inclusion and design of a new Band/Artist Logo or Identity? (this will not be charged separately, but included in the quote cost):

Do you have any Illustrations, Artwork and/or Photography prepared for the CD Designs? If so, please specify:

Alternately, do you require any Illustration for use in the designs? If so, what of?

Do you have a specific design style in mind? If so, which one? Please provide examples/URL’s of CD/artwork/designs you like or influenced by (if any):

Please describe any additional requirements for the CD design work:

Do you have any previous CD releases? If so, which ones? Please provide example if possible or image URL’s:

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