Christian Comics 3: This was your life

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I just read this Christian comic (or Tract) over at Chick Publications. It’s quite a powerful comic showing what happens when a man dies and stands before the Judgement throne of God.

The tract is littered with some very appropriate Bible verses ranging from Matthew, John, Galatians, 2 Peter and, of course, Revelation. The design also gives a glimpse into what lies beyond, showing the LORD on His Throne, Angels and Hell (all speculative renderings, but based on the Biblical-texts).

The Author of this comic, Jack T. Chick, has done a fantastic job of conveying the importance of not ignoring a call from our LORD Jesus. It serves as a warning, and like many other evangelistic-massages seem to avoid; point out that Hell is a literal place, so this teaching must be given.

Eat and be Merry Image 1

Hebrews Image 2

Isaiah Unclean thing Image 3

Graves Image 4

Christian Judgement Image 5

Angels destimation Image 6

Romans Righteous Image 7

Revelation Book of Life Image 8

Atheist Image 9

Mark-4-22 Bible Image 10

Matthew Lust Image 11

Matthew reveals Image 12

Galations reaping Image 13

Romans LORD Jesus Image 14

Christians Comic of God theme Image 15

everlasting fire with demons Image 16

Revelations lake of fire Image 17

Repentance Image 18

Jesus Christ is LORD and Savior Image 19

Philippians Image 20

The KORD Jesus Image 21

Theres only one way to Heaven, by Jesus Image 22
Images | ©2002 by Jack T. Chick LLC

If you are considering becoming a Christian, please read the article What does it mean to be a born again Christian? over at Doing so may start you off on the greatest journey of your life. Don’t put off the decision to accept Christ another day.

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5 thoughts on “Christian Comics 3: This was your life”

  1. Zack

    That was one of the most inspiring things I have read tonight. Thank you.

  2. Neocreo

    I accepted a great comic ages ago… was about jesus but it was quite funny and full of puns, and I loved it. Good story with parables for your life, that is how I see it. I recoginised the artist in this. Do not condone or condemn, but loves how he captures the message.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Zack → No worries…

    Neocreo → Yes, Jack T. Chick does tell it straight, Ill give him that.

    Thanks for commenting…

  4. J.T.

    I’m an Orthodox Christian, struggling with my faith, and I find this view of God horrible… It makes God look like a monster. It’s no wonder atheists point to stuff like this when they claim that religion is inherently evil.

    I think that instead of portraying God like a totalitarian dictator, people would benefit far more from hearing a message of peace. How could one want to have a relationship with a being who threatens with eternal torture if you don’t obey?!!

    Stuff like this makes me interested less and less in following my religion.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @J.T Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t make you right. The entire human race deserves eternal punishment. Fortunately, there is a way out. Excepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, and living for Him. The way out should be taken by all. people lock themselves into hell by not taking a Free gift from the Loving God, Yahweh. I’ll pray for you.