Christian Graphic: Without Jesus, You’re Single

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Christian Graphic

Without Jesus You’re Single is a simple Christian graphic I recently designed. I like to use word-play in order to get a statement of truth across: “Without Jesus You’re Single / Without Jesus You Sin“.

It’s just a simple message to show that Jesus is the only way. The only way to Salvation. The only way to eternal life.

You can see a larger version of the illustration above on a separate page here on this Christian Design blog. This image is copyright-free, and can be used anywhere to aid the Gospel message.

Any questions or comments? Please leave them below…

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3 thoughts on “Christian Graphic: Without Jesus, You’re Single”

  1. Milena

    Hi Andrew! Wow! What a bold poster. You are my design hero. Just wanted to let you know that I am using you as a subject in a discussion post for school. This is what I wrote:

    Who is your design hero?
    My design hero is Andrew Kelsall. He is a graphic designer who is based out of Britain. He is my hero not only because I admire his work, but because he is unafraid to be himself. His clients range from a variety of secular and non-secular. Much of his subject matter is related to his faith and his communication is bold and unafraid.

    What draws you to their work?
    Andrew’s work draws me in because of his command of the design elements and principles. He controls his elements by applying the principles of design discernment and creates work that displays an equal balance of aesthetic qualities and functionality. He also has a great knack for branding and marketing himself using the Internet as a tool to interact with clients, showcase his work, and educate others.

    What is your design hero’s greatest lesson?
    Life is too short to give watered-down messages.

    How did they achieve success?
    I believe that Andrew Kelsall achieves his success by not negating who is but by embracing who he was made to be 100%. He has a character of perseverance and motivation. He has works diligently to promote his work, by maintaining his portfolio current and displaying it online via a blogsite. He has designed his blogsite to not only feature his work but to educate and inform visitors about design and culture. His blogsite also had the functionality of collecting qualified leads from interested clients. Andrew Kelsall goes all the way and that’s what makes him successful.

    So what do you think? Did I sum it up pretty well? I asked God to show me a design hero and I found you. God Bless and keep working!!!!

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Milena → Thanks, I feel really blessed that you wrote all this – I certainly don’t deserve it.

    Yes, I do try to be bold and forthright with my messages. Time is short, just like the attention span of most internet surfers (including me), so I try to create stuff that gets straight to the point regarding stuff like this.

    See also, This is Not Christianity: Free Poster Download.

    I can remember once at University, a friend of mine (who is a Christian) got a job for a secular design company (this was about 11 years ago).

    I asked him “what happens if they have a problem with your work ethics; the fact that you’re a Christian?” He replied “Well, I they have a problem with my Christianity, then they wouldn’t be someone I’d work for”.

    From that day years ago, this has stuck with me – not to try and please people or companies, but God.

    Thanks for the encouraging words…

  3. jesse

    YES indeed!