Christian T-Shirt Design – Repent Cross Trailer

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V Neck and Tshirt designs

I have just completed a new design for a T-shirt, which is aptly named “Repent Cross Trailer“. I came up with the idea when I was travelling with my wife, and saw an old lorry trailer on the side of the motorway. It had painted on it some sort of Christian message, although I can’t remember exactly what it said.

It did give me an idea, though. I thought that the word REPENT may be enough… if the trailer was held up by the Cross of Christ Jesus.

The T-Shirt is available to buy as V-Necks, Dolans, Tank-Tops, Sweaters and more, for both men and woman over on by new T-Shirt shop (which is named Kelsorianmy new illustration brand). I may have more designs to come, so stay tuned.

Christian Jumper or Sweater Design

View or Buy here.

Pink Hoodie with Christian based motif design

Christian Tank Top Design

View or Buy here.

Christian Womans Dolan design

Off white womans or ladies Christian jersy

View or Buy here.

Blue Christian Tee design with Repent Trailer motif

Pink Christian womands Tee Design

View or Buy here.

Further Information // “Christian -Shirt Design: Repent Cross Trailer” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Andrew Kelsall – under the Kelsorian Illustration Branding.

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