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Recently, I produced some Christian Web Page Templates for, a site which offers Church website hosting with a difference. Their site states:

Church Edit is a powerful web solution equipping Churches of all sizes from around the UK with the tools needed to build a professional website that is both easy to use and affordable….Many Churches want a website but either do not have the expertise or the time to develop a site. With Church Edit you can build a site in the matter of a few hours. You will be able to add web pages, calendars, photos and much more straight away.

I was tasked with designing a web page template that met certain image size criteria, and supplied to the client in 5 different colour-schemes.

Christian Web Page Templates image

◥ This image shows the initial round of proofs; a 4-page PDF document that outlined the proposed design, elements, structure and colour combinations.

Christian Web Page Templates image 2

◥ This is how the template looks in a more compressed format. The web page templates were designed to expand vertically, so the main cross image was quite large and side elements repeated. The main area and header were to accommodate text when added. As can be seen, when the varied colour combinations were applied, there is a clear distinction between the 5 coloured designs.

Because of the nature of this project, these web design templates were just for images, with no text, as users add their own menus, text and other elements on ChurchEdit.

If you would like me to work on a Christian-based web  project for you, please visit the Hire Me page, thanks…

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