Cathedral Staedtler Advert

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The Cathedral Staedtler Advert

I love this great Staedtler advert (a stationary company) that shows a Cathedral carved out of the graphite. It reminds me of the amazing work of artist, Dalton Ghetti. I’m unsure as to the true motive of the advertisers here. Does the slogan “Where it all begins” refer to the graphite pencil, the Cathedral─or both? Leave your comments below…

Credits: Found via Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Hong Kong / Executive Creative Director: Connie Lo / Creative Directors: Miranda Shing, Adrian Lam / Copywriter: Fanny Lau. See more here. Image copyrights © respective holders.

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3 thoughts on “Cathedral Staedtler Advert”

  1. clare

    I guess they are trying to say that the design for the cathedral all began with a pencil sketch.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Clare → Oh yeah, I think you’re right …

  3. Gavin

    It’s also the La Sagrada Familia, guess they are implying gaudi used staedtler