Beautiful Church Turned into Bookstore

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This is an image of the church bookstore from the very end showing the entire floor and ceiling

Yet again, we see another Church building converted into another venue. In this case, the Broerenkerk Church (located in the city of Zwolle, Netherlands), which dates back to 1466, is now a Church turned into a bookstore.

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Just like in a previous article of mine, I am in tow minds about this kind of thing, so to speak. If the Church wasn’t turned into a bookstore, would it have been knocked down and gone forever anyway? Or would the Church building have been used in the future for people to congregate a worship the Lord and our Jesus Christ? Was the congregation too big and they needed a bigger building? In any case, I have mixed feelings, but I would love it if there was a great Revival across the World and all Church buildings like this were used for their original purpose—Worship! Surely this is a sign of the times we live in. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Maybe there’s a Bible in there…

Gallery: Church Turned into Bookstore

This is a split image of the bookstore showing stairwells and shelving

Church archers can be seen overhead painted in white

These steps take you to another level with bookshelves going along the side wall

In this transformed church a bookstore has been created with staircases and an organ

Renovated church book store showing organ and car

This image shows a table and books in the church building bookstore

In this image of the bookstore there are glass boxes showing varied artifacts from the former transformed church building

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This image shows the staircases that lead to the varied levels in the bookstore

This image shows the sign for the bookstore

Church benches with the roof of the church visible

Image of the church turned into a bookstore

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