Cprécis & Loads of Fantastic Christian Articles

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Do You Want Christian News? If so, I recommend checking out Cprécis. The site reads:

Cprécis [c-prey-seez] is a Christian Content Aggregator. The purpose of Cprécis is to bring you the best in what’s happening in the Christian web community. We do this by collecting the headlines of the latest articles from the best sites and blogs that cover a variety of topics. We display the most recent headlines of the information sources as well as their first paragraph. [Read more]

Here is a list of the Christian blogs listed on their homepage at the moment, along with a couple of posts from each blog or site. If you spot anything that doesn’t link-up with my Statement of Faith, please let me know. I hope you discover a couple of blogs and sites you’ve never seen before:


Thunder of His power
The Crowd by Matthew Ashton

A Christian Perspective

The Truth According to Katy Perry

Man Whisperer vs. True Woman

Reflections in the WORD

Qualifications for the Kingdom

Where is Your Heart?

Pro Worship Technics

How to Access Your Worship Music From Any Computer

Start! Bible – Free Gospel of John

W2W Soul

Bible in One Year Challenge

The Gift of Life


Creating goals for the church creative

The Retro Network You Didn’t Know Existed

Media Salt

Resource Download: Organize Your Giving Page

Thoughts on a “Lean Back” Experience

You129 – Speak Out

Time for a New Generation of Black Americans

How the NAACP Has Changed

Mirificam Press

Mirificam Press Takes a Stab at the Movies

Bible Design: Illuminated Manuscripts to Postmodern Power Plays


Glo Bible Update via CES

Media Fusion – Sermon Podcasts Made Easy

Church Media TV

Morning Motion: What We Learned

Morning Motion: Seeds Conference 2011 Promo

MBC Sermons

Last Article by Chinese Human Rights Lawyer

Christian Activist’s Tortured Described

Greg Atkinson

I Don’t Know About You, But I Believe in Second Chances

What’s Your Vision for 2011?

Gabe Taviano

Educate yourself and give Freedom

Is this your King?


4 Reasons Non-Profits Need a Website

How to Lead Someone to Christ

Phil Davis

Sermon by David Platt that every American Christian should watch

Matthew 13:44

Art Lessons From God

Why Is It Hard for Artists To Spend Daily Time with God?

3 Questions That Address What’s Blocking Your Creativity


YouVersion: 1 Month. 1 Billion Minutes

One Prayer Update

Prodigal Magazine

Q&A – What is God’s relationship to time?

Michael Catt Interview (Creator of Facing The Giants and Fireproof)

Church Tech Matters

Efficiency on a Dime

Burnout and Lessons Learned

Media Ministry Blog

How to Create an Audio Podcast for Your Church

Creating a Ministry Theme/Logo

Dream in soul

Be Still and Know…

Morning Worship: Beautiful – From Kari Jobe

Jim LePage

Word: Matthew (The Headless Baptist)

Inspiration: Jeff Gill

Our Daily Bread

A Child’s Potential

Contract Faith

…and there you have it! I haven’t read all the articles linked above, but if you have any comments about the articles or sites linked, please leave a comment below…

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