Delirious about the new Album Art?

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I’ve followed Delirious for as long as can remember. This great Christian band from here in the UK have truly inspired a generation about Jesus and Christianity. Their final album Kingdom Of Comfort includes some fantastic album art ― a complete departure from some of their easier albums, such as King of Fools and Metamorphis.
I haven’t heard the album yet, but looking at the cover, it’s fair to assume the whole concept is about materialism…and its pitfalls. Do you like the cover? If not, which one is your favourite? I’d like to hear your thoughts…

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2 thoughts on “Delirious about the new Album Art?”

  1. Cameron Olivier

    Hey Andrew,

    Nice blog – I sit with a similar issue – my first blog has actually been “christian” based, and not design at all, and have a similar quandry, where I’m not sure the two mix well. Still trying to decide how I’m going to make it work practically though. 🙂

    In answering this question, I think Delirious have always been cutting-edge (ooh I think I hate that word 🙂 ) with their album covers..

    The first 2 released (can’t remember them now) were in cardboard-based sleeves, then there was ‘live and in the can’.

    I think they got more into the ‘design’ of things with King of Fools and Glo. Mezzenoia (?) – wasn’t that great design wise, but although there were some great songs, don’t think it was that great an album.

    Touch brought them back with a great conceptual packaging again – the ones I saw, had a black cardboard sleeve that revealed a picture of the band when one touched it (heat sensitive).

    This latest one is the best though, I think. It’s packaged in a plastic mould, and the booklet really is a miniature hard-cover little book. The design is great as well! 🙂 Practically it’s a little awkward because it’s slightly larger than normal cd packaging, but thankfully it fits in my cd case fine 🙂

    sorry for the long post – have enjoyed Delirious for years too, and their cd designs have almost always been an inspiration. – I’m a big fan of CD packaging in general, and Delirious have some of the better ones, especially for Christian music.

    Best of luck with the site! 🙂 if you want to have a look at my own God-themed blog, it’s here:

    Catch you on twitter, I’m sure! 🙂


  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Hello again Cameron,

    I agree, Delirious have always been cutting-edge, but this one I feel, shows a maturity I hadn’t seen before. Another great one is for the Mission Bell―that was inspiring 🙂

    Yeah, I also like to see albums in cardboard sleeves. They don’t last as long, as the edges go tatty, but there’s something more tactile about them…and I nearly always go for them. As for Mezzamorphosis, I never saw the cardboard version, but I have the Jewel case one. It’s not a great design, but it’s one I can relate to and will always remember.

    I’ll try and take a look at the Plastic mould version of Kingdom Of Comfort next time I’m at HMV.

    Thanks for your comments. I’ll take a look at your link now 🙂