Deplorable NHS Sex Leaflet for teens

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NHS sex leaflet

I read an article recently about a new National Health Service (NHS) leaflet campaign aimed at teens about sex. The pamphlet reads:

An Orgasm a Day: You could talk about the positive physical and emotional effects of sex and masturbation

The small print alerts youngsters of the benefits of having “An Orgasm a Day” [as opposed to having an apple a day]. It encourages teens to have sex and claims it is good for them. Pupils are also told they have a ‘right’ to a good sex life. What evilness {}.

Despite the Word of God telling us otherwise, it’s no wonder British teens have the highest birthrate in Europe. Shame on the NHS and shame on the British Government. If you have received one of these leaflets, I urge you, throw it in the bin and pick up a Bible. Start reading the Gospels and get right with God. Jesus is only only way to Heaven. Listen to this deplorable advice, and I think you have enough education to know where you’ll end up.

Apparently, the leaflet’s author, Steve Slack, director of the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at NHS Sheffield, defended it by saying the advice could encourage young people to delay losing their virginity until they are sure they will enjoy the experience.

He added that as long as teenagers are fully informed about sex and making decisions free of peer pressure as part of a caring relationship, they have as much right as an adult to a good sex life. May I remind you “Steve”, that trying to explain-away immoral nature of this informational leaflet is going to do you no good on the day of Judgement.

For a full review of the story behind this, please visit this post on the Daily Mail website. God Bless.

If you are considering becoming a Christian, please read the article What does it mean to be a born again Christian? over at Doing so may start you off on the greatest journey of your life. Don’t put off the decision to accept Christ another day.

{} Unless a student/pupil is married, being 17+

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10 thoughts on “Deplorable NHS Sex Leaflet for teens”

  1. quedula

    Teenagers will masturbate whether they are told about it or not. (Unless they are seriously under sexed). It’s all part of growing up and doesn’t harm anyone. What is the point of making them feel guilty about it?

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → The whole point is that teens are being purposefully misinformed about such matters, especially when it comes to having sexual relations before marriage.

    They are condoning teens having sex for fun with each other, spreading STD’s no doubt, and adding to teenage pregnancy. I’ll spare you the Bible verses on this one, but you know where to find them.

  3. quedula

    Andrew, can you post a link to the leaflet itself? I admit I haven’t read it and wouldn’t want to rely on the Daily Mail’s reporting.

  4. quedula

    We have to bear in mind that the NHS doesn’t (or shouldn’t) concern itself with accomodating particular religious views. It is dedicated to maintaining “health” (I hope in the widest sense) and interprets and publicises relevant studies and research for the benefit of the general population.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a larger image either, hence why I have used a low-res version; repeated. Like yourself, I would like to read the entire copy, too.

  6. Mary White

    The NHS is committed to improving health, not forcing religion upon people. There is nothing wrong with 2 consenting people engaging in sexual intercourse provided they are of a legal age and use appropriate protection. The NHS is promoting safe and healthy sexual intercourse rather than burying its head in the sand and pretending that teenagers don’t have sex. I don’t need to mention that HIV and AIDS are rife in countries where so called christian governments condemn the use of contraception. If you want to live long and stay healthy I would suggest teenagers read leaflets from their drs rather than a book written a few thousand years ago which has no relevance to the modern day what so ever.

  7. CyanFox

    Sorry to butt into the lovely conversation, but as a third-world person which most westerners probably view as backwards in terms of civilization, may I be as bold enough to perhaps pose a simple question:

    How are we (or this generation) any healthier than before?

    Sure, a lot of progress has been made in the realms of sanitation, medical procedures, pharmacological products, nutrition, psychology and psychiatry, and of course – sexual health. But as I am not a health expert, I don’t comprehend where they base the measure for “health”. I mean, every scientific enquiry can and should always be standardized by some empirical gauge, right?

    Getting back to the topic, how can masturbation and sex be considered as “healthy”? Are they referring to the immediate positive effects of such physical activities? Well, if that’s the way science works nowadays, then aren’t we regressing in our own way of studying this world we live in?

    True health experts does not only focus on short-term observations; they should also consider the long-term implications – how such behavior influences their psychological development, how this in turn affects their social interactions, what are the physiological responses that occurs during sex and masturbation, and how does these all contribute to a wholistic personal development of a person.

    Well, as I said, I’m just a simple Filipino with no background or expertise on health matters. That’s why I choose to believe more on a thousand-year old Bible, because believe it or not, I find it more reliable and dependable than the ever-changing discoveries, findings and reports of our modern society.

    Good morning! ^_^

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    CyanFox → I think I can can speak for many Westerners here – we don’t think third-world people are backwards, although I assume have degenerate views. As for myself, I am grateful and appreciative to the LORD for the privileges I have living in a western society, and very thankful for it.

    I really appreciate your comment, and for what its worth, most of it is actually far-too complicated for me to understand, but I get the gist of your point!

    I’m glad you respect the Holy Bible. For further reading on what the Bible is all about please read this article.

    Thanks for contributing 🙂

  9. CyanFox

    Thanks for the link!

    Just a post-script note about the comment on the Bible’s contemporary relevance: There are a lot of scientific and medical discoveries that, in fact, confirms and supports the “health regimens” of the Bible 😉 Like how the Biblical-obsolete “unclean” food were actually found out to be really nutritionally “unhealthy”.

    Isn’t that interesting?

    Getting back on masturbation, sex and orgasm, I guess we’ll just have to wait for NHS’ full report. But I’m pretty sure this claim of theirs will get debunked pretty soon haha.

    Keep up the interesting posts!