Do We Live In A Matrix?

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Andrew Kelsall talks about Christianity and the Matrix iamge

It’s weird—I made this video a couple of weeks ago when I saw other YouTube and videos addressing the question “Are we in a Matrix”. Ever since I published it, popular alternative news channel InfoWars have started putting out videos asking that very same question. Apparently, even knowledgeable scientists who study quantum physics are coming up with theories that we live in a, wait for it—computer simulation. Of course, that is total garbage (rubbish, here in England), but  watch my new video to find out why…

My New Video: Do We Live In A Matrix? Yes…and No:

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2 thoughts on “Do We Live In A Matrix?”

  1. Andrew MacKay

    just listened to your talk about the matrix. At first I wanted to accuse you of making the biggest logical leap in history (we can’t be code because the bible says so).

    I am searching for the truth as much as yourself and you have to admit that without a component of faith your statement is highly contradictory. “We cannot be living in a computer program which wishes to hide it’s existence from us, because the output of the program tells us it does not exist” .

    After thinking it over a little longer, an Alan Watts talk ( I watched recently came to mind. As far as I remember it, it outlines an opinion that states- we each are made flesh to live as God, to die to sin, be reborn in God and that when Jesus states the only way to the fathers house is though him, then he is stating that you have to find God within yourself, just as Jesus found God within himself.

    I’m sure you noticed Neo has a girlfriend named Trinity, and that the matrix does have Christian undertones. So, for me one possible interpretation of this could be that we are compiled from the underlying code, we are separated from the source, forced to run Independantly, made flesh.

    Just my musings, and have to get back to work, would be interested to hear your take on the ‘Jesus, and his religion’ video above.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Andrew → I’m not surprised you stated “…I accuse you of making the biggest logical leap in history (we can’t be code because the bible says so)”. When dealing with subjects such as this, all I really have besides my Faith in Jesus Christ is my own opinions that cannot be verified. The only way I can make sense of it all is through the ultimate truth which is Gods word.

    I appreciate that you don’t hold to the teachings of the Bible, but this video is my own take on a matter that seems to manifest itself on YouTube a fair bit. I’ve listed to the first 7 mins of the video you linked to, but I don’t currently have time to listen further. All I can say for sure is this: there are worldly-intelligent sounding men like Alan Watts all over, and he shows that Bible prophesy is actually true, as the Bible clearly states throughout that many are fools and will never turn to God.

    I don’t think I’ll watch the rest, as for one, I’ve had my fair share of listening to people debunking the Bible. I have watched plenty of Richard Dawkins videos so I can see where intellectuals come from, but the only real defence I have is Gods Word and I will use it no matter what the cost or opposition I face.

    As well as Neo’s girlfriend Trinity, the whole film actually has overtones from many religions rolled into one. There are even some video that expose the layers of satanic symbolism contained within it. It’s one of my favourate films, and it simply shows [the metaphor] the world that many of us miss, which is the spiritual realm of demons and Angels.

    Thanks for commenting Andrew. Feel free to partake in discussion here on this blog anytime…