Easter Message 2009: The great 40 Year Mission of Arthur Blessitt

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Happy Easter 2009! It’s great to eat chocolate eggs and maybe go to relatives for dinner and all. But let’s not forget the true meaning of this holiday. It’s all about what Jesus did for us of the Cross at Calvary. Because he dies for us, out sins are now forgiven and we can have a personal relationship with Him. Amen!

On the subject of Easter, I would like to talk about the great 40 year mission of evangelist, Arthur Blessitt. The story of this man’s life is very long, so much so, that a new movie has been made about his life entitled The Cross.


Basically, Arthur has been walking the world for 40 years with a giant cross. His mission has led him into danger and war zones, but has also enabled him to preach the Gospel to the world. On his travels, he has met Yasir Arafat, George W.Bush and the Pope. After walking 38,102 miles through 315 countries, he finished his walk in June 2008.

Why did he do this? Arther states:

At 5am one morning, Jesus spoke to me. He said, ‘Arthur, take the cross off the wall of your building, carry the cross on foot. Identify my message on the highways and roadsides where the people are.

Arthur recalled that his most memorable journey was taking the cross from Jerusalem to Calvary on Easter Sunday.

I wondered how I would feel. Would I be sad, walking in the footsteps of Jesus? No. I was filled with joy. Christ had suffered all the agony for me 2,000 years ago.

I would like to commend Arthur on this fantastic achievement which he did for God. Reading of this story has inspired me by the dedication he has shown the the Lord.


You can read a full article on the story of Arthur Blessitt here. Have you heard about Arthur’s travels before? What do you think of the great journey he has taken?

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