Free CD Giveaway: Tweet to Win

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** UPDATE ** We have a winner: Kris Partridge. Congratulations! Chosen via The Randomiser.

randomiser results image

Recently, I designed a CD Sleeve for an American band named The Sunrise. They are a Contemporary Christian acoustic and electric rock band, and the name of the album is “We Have Not Heard”. I have one brand-new genuine copy of this CD to give away! Read on for details…

The Sunrise - Christian CD sleeve

Above: The Sunrise CD

How to Enter this Giveaway…

All you have to do to enter is leave a creative comment or tweet this post (or both):

1. Twitter: [Click this link→] Tweet This: “I just Entered a CD Giveaway” via @ChristianDesign >> Enter Here >>

2. Comment: Leave a comment below with a valid email address so that I can contact you should you win. Your comment doesn’t have to be anything special. I will choose a winner by entering everyone’s names or twitter name into an online Randomiser. I will post a screen-shot of the result.

Optional: Please show your appreciation for this giveaway by recommending this site via the Social Media buttons on this site.

The Sunrise iTunes tracklinsting screenshot

Above: The Sunrise listing on iTunes Store.

Terms & Conditions…

  1. This competition will run until Thursday 31st May 2012 12pm GMT.
  2. The competition is open to anyone worldwide.
  3. I will notify who the winner is by Friday 1st June 2012 on this post.
  4. A valid email address is required when commenting on this post to enter give-away.
  5. For the winner: I will post to any country in the world, as long as you send me your address with 14 days when I contact you.

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for hosting this give-away.

A quick note about The Sunrise: I’ve listened to this CD, and it’s really good, high quality music that has been professionally recorded. I recommend you listen to a sample of their album on iTunes, or even visit their website.

★ I wrote a post about the process behind the artwork for this CD. You can view it over on Andrew Kelsall Design.

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5 thoughts on “Free CD Giveaway: Tweet to Win”

  1. Kristin Partridge

    My sister would love the band and being a graphic designer I appreciate the design behind it CD sleeve. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Jeff

    Really like this. Great work!

  3. Photo Masking

    Really amazing post. thx for post!

  4. AL Mackenzie

    All I can say is it’s refreshing to hear Christian music that’s not selfconsciously trying to copy worldly rock and pop. Lots of that stuff is an embarassment.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    ** UPDATE **

    We have a winner! Sorry this message is a day later than I said. The winner is Kris Partridge (I’ll be in-touch soon).

    I’ll post a screenshot of the Online Radomiser I used to pick the winner. These were the entrants: @KrisPartridge, @Jeff_Thompson, @Clip_Path_India, @southsidewood, @brianisunfallen, @mhmcintyre, @tommydeanuk, @KrisPartridge

    Thanks everyone!!!