Glitzy Church House Conversion – Your Thoughts?

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Every time I see a church house conversion I have mixed feelings about it. I find it hard so surmise whether or not it’s a good or bad thing. It’s rather sad in a way they a church building it is not being used to house a church congregation any more. Therefore, if it isn’t being used as a place of worship should it be converted into a house instead of falling into disrepair? In this case, however, it’s just the top section of the church that has been converted. This loft conversion is located with Westbourne Grove Church, London─and was a project by DOS Architects. The loft was constructed in the top two floors of the Baptist chapel, which was originally built in 1953. I don’t know whether the lower region of the church building is still been used as a place of worship, though. I hope it is…

Westbourne Grove Church House Conversion

church house conversion image

When I was driving my car the other day, I saw an Methodist Church being knocked down with huge diggers. Obviously this church wasn’t being used any more and it had fallen into disrepair and was a public safety hazard. So, would it be better used as a house for somebody? In this way, the building would be preserved and maybe it could be used as a church again one day.

On the other hand, it’s really sad site to see a church building being converted into a house no matter how nice the house is. It’s sad to see any church building not being used any more, but there could be a variety of reasons for this. Maybe the church as grown in size and another building has been sought instead? In any case, it’s quite a sad affair. Check out the rest of the images of this house below…

church house with steeples

Church dining tables

church circle windows

Credits: I found these Church House Conversion images via Abduzeedo and copyright DOS Architects.

Church windows over bath tub

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