Gospelr, the Christian Twitter?

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I’m a big fan of TwitterBig fan. I heard of a new “Christian Twitter” lately, aptly named Gospelr. I think the site may still be in Beta testing, as there is absolutely no information on site about how the service is used—nor what it’s for.

However, if you head over to the site of the people who created it at Human3Error.com, there is an explanation as to its’ intent. It also links to the sites’ [invisible] FAQ page, which displays information about the nature of the service, such as:

★ Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ
★ Encouraging others through community and communication
★ Keep friends, staff, ministries, family, and others updated through microblogging
★ Innovate and collaborate with others to discuss and brainstorm how we can best use web technology effectively for His Kingdom.

I’m all up for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, however, I can’t see myself using it. The great thing about Twitter is that you can engage with non-Christians if you want, or just set your account to private and invite just Christians. I don’t really see the need for Gospelr, although if it helps to spread the Word of the LORD, I will support it. If you think you may be interested in Gospelr and fancy giving it a try, head over there and sign-up.

What do you about Gospelr? Are you already a user—would you recommend it over Twitter?

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One thought on “Gospelr, the Christian Twitter?”

  1. Chris Matthieu

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the great post on http://gospelr.com! I am the new owner of Gospelr. In addition to carrying on @human3rror’s initial goal of Gospelr being Twitter for Christians, I have added a live bible to the site that allows you to read, comment, and tweet each verse. All Gospelr tweets also go out on your Twitter account that you used to authorize your session.

    You can also watch (in real-time) what people are saying on Twitter about the bible, Jesus, love, religion, etc. at the following link: http://gospelr.com/streams

    We are looking for feedback to make the site better and more useful for Christians to share and communicate and learn about the Good News.

    God Bless,
    Chris Matthieu
    .-= Chris Matthieu´s last blog ..traddeacon Status =-.