Spectacular Grace Cathedral Installation with Ribbons

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colorful cathedral installation

These stunning hanging ribbons are part of three Grace Cathedral Installations that were created by designer, Anne Patterson. The Cathedral, which is located in San Francisco, USA, has been utilised by Patterson to create “a connection between sound and light”. Apparently, the ribbons also symbolise the relationship between the spiritual world on earth and prayers that are offered to the Lord through prayer. See the rest of the images below…

Gallery: Grace Cathedral Installation

blue arches

grace cathedral stained glass windows

color in cathedral installation

grace cathedral red arches

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grace cathedral arches

grace cathedral pillars

blue cathedral installation

cathedral installation

grace cathedral installation image

About: Anne Patterson is a renowned visual artist and leading designer who has been working in American theater and music for over twenty five years. In the impressive range of works she produces for galleries, museums, theaters, symphonies, and operas, she focuses on taking the visual arts into the core of the orchestral and classical music experience, engaging audiences through a synthesis of art and music […] read more.

Further Information // “Spectacular Grace Cathedral Installation with Ribbons” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Anne Patterson. Please visit her site for more fantastic work.

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