Happy Hour: Powerful Christian Comic Strip

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Happy Hour is a very powerful Christian Comic Strip by Jack T. Chick of Chick Publications. The next 23 images of this comic depict a story of alcoholism and drunken behaviour from a family member. Read on to find out what happens to Jerry, Alice and Janice. This comic is available on Jack’s site and CyberSpaceMinistry.org.

After the storyline, there is a great call-to-action to be saved by Jesus. If you have any unsaved friends, whom you find it difficult to witness to, or if you think they may respond to a ministry message in the format, please let them know about this article…

happy hour comic image 1

happy hour comic image 2

happy hour comic image 3

happy hour comic image 4

happy hour comic image 5

happy hour comic image 6

happy hour comic image 7

happy hour comic image 8

happy hour comic image 9

happy hour comic image 10

happy hour comic image 11

happy hour comic image 12

happy hour comic image 13

happy hour comic image 14

happy hour comic image 15

happy hour comic image 16

happy hour comic image 17

happy hour comic image 18

happy hour comic image 19

happy hour comic image 20

happy hour comic image 21

happy hour comic image 22

All images are copyright © JACK T CHICK

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2 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Powerful Christian Comic Strip”

  1. sam

    This cartoon is great and all but it’s not a repeat a prayer and your saved, you need to be born of the spirit which is receiving the holy ghost. god never said repeat he said repent. the evidence that you have the holy ghost is when you speak in other tongues because everywhere in the bible when someone get the holy ghost they speak in tongues. just read the book of acts. when peter says this is that which joel prophetised and said god would pour out his spirt in the last days also the plan of salvation acts 2:38. also in john 3:5 or somewhere around there God/Jesus (they are the same person) tells nicodemus that he must be born of the water and the spirt also in mark 17:17 it says “and these signs shall follow them that believe: in my name shall they cast out devils? they shall speak in new tongues;” if that’s not enough proof idk what is anyways if you want a bible study or if you think i’m wrong plz call this number (559) 271-2355 ask for kieth walker

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Resources to read regarding clarity for Sams comment:

    How can I have assurance of my salvation?

    Is speaking in tongues evidence for having the Holy Spirit?

    When / How do we receive the Holy Spirit?

    Does John 3:5 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?