Happy St George’s Day from here in England!

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St. George’s Flag: Image Copyright

Happy St. George’s Day from here in England! Not that we Brits get a bank holiday today, but I’ve just got enough time to write a brief account of the story behind St. George and the slaying of the dragon.

Every year on April the 23rd, St. George’s day is celebrated as England’s National Day. As the patron saint of England, St. George’s emblem is a red cross on a white background (the English flag).

St. George was a Roman soldier who protested against Christians being tortured by the Romans—and died for his beliefs. He is now best-known for slaying a dragon. Many say this is just folklore, but I am a Christian who obviously believes in creationism. So, I deduce that he slayed a dinosaur (as God made man and beast over a seven-day period).

Anyway, that’s my version of accounts, please leave a comment if you have a any thoughts on post…

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