Hope, Joy, and Smiling Clouds Tee

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Christian Tshirt designs

The “Hope, Joy, and Smiling Clouds” is a Christian T shirt design created by Stuart Hunnable of ArmourUp. Stuart has a goal to revitalise Christian T-shirt design, by bringing tees to the market that are contemporary, relevant, and pretty quirky. At the same time, the Christian Tees are not being too “in your face” either. Their campaign is just the first step towards making that a reality.

If you’re not sure about how Kickstarter works, it’s a pretty straightforward process (in this case). Anyone that pledges $17 or more gets a T shirt, providing we reach their goal of $1,700 total. If they don’t reach it, they pay nothing… its explained in more detail on the Kickstarter page itself, which also includes an explanatory video here.

ArmourUp.com History: “We started ArmourUp in 2011 with several goals in mind”:

• Create great Christian T-shirt designs people will enjoy wearing
• Offer Tees at a great price
• Create work for talented graphic designers
• Allow anyone to have their idea transformed into a great design
• Create designs that caused people to ask questions

In one year we received a quick education. There was more to learn about t-shirts than we had ever imagined. Just deciding on a brand for blank shirts was an ordeal. We learned about shirt brands, styles, sizing, colors, inks, halftones, DTG printing, screens, and discharge printing. The list goes on and on.

Read more over at Kickstarter.

If this sort of design interests you, I urge you to visit Kickstarter and make a pledge!

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