If Moses used a Bridge…

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Moses Bridge

This is the stunning “Moses Bridge”, a sunken pedestrian bridge located at the Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands. This post shows 10 images of this bridge, from the final finished design and the creation of it. I think the concept is magnificent, and I hope you enjoy the photos…

Bridge under water

You know the Bible history don’t you─where God parted the Red Sea to aid the Israelites escape from Pharoh? If you don’t already know the story , why not see What is the importance of the parting of the Red Sea?

Moses Bridge Image Gallery…

making the Moses Bridge

Moses Bridge through waterways

Water walkway design

Moses Bridge inset in water

Steps in water

Moses Bridge from afar

walkway under water level

Credits: I originally discovered this via Toxel, but it was also featured on Inhabitat, David Airey and Archdaily. For original article and images copyrights ©, head over to Ro-ad.org. Architects: RO&AD Architecten.

Child in the Sunken Pedestrian Bridge

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3 thoughts on “If Moses used a Bridge…”

  1. Jennifer

    Wow. That’s amazing.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Jennifer → Sure is! Thanks for commenting…

  3. Paul Mountney

    This truly is an amazing bridge. But, I have to ask, if it rains hard and floods the bridge, how are people supposed to cross it then?