Adult Video? Jesus is Watching You!

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I found this both quite endearing and thought provoking at the same time. I don’t agree that Jesus looked like this, and I don’t advocate the extra-Biblical teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, but I do feel that this billboard design in New Mexico will have impact…

Billboard Design : Jesus is Watching You

Jesus is Watching You, Billboard Design

Credits: Image above © Ron Simpson. Found on The Telegraph.


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I’m Annoyed by this Billboard Design

I’m starting to get really annoyed of certain individuals and organisations telling the world that Jesus will return on a certain date. Despite Jesus Himself telling us in the Bible that no man knows the day or hour( Matthew 24:36-44), the internet is abound with predictive dates [READ MORE HERE].

Jesus Returning Dec 21 2011 image

Jesus Is All

It’s not something you can really miss on that road! Great stuff, and yet so true. Here’s a funky billboard that reads “Jesus Is All”: Souls for Christ Ministry [READ MORE].

Road sign for Jesus is All

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One thought on “Adult Video? Jesus is Watching You!”

  1. Aubrey Boyns

    Great post. Agree 100% with all you said.