Here’s A Man That Licks Cathedrals In England!

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Okay, this is weird. A man named Lawrence Edmonds has visited 42 of England’s Anglican Cathedrals…and licked them all. Why? Well, apparently it was all part of some strange bet of sorts. At age 26, Lawrence plans to carry on his endeavours throughout Scotland, Ireland and Wales, UK. Take a look at a selection of the 42 images he took on his travels (I’m not sure what germs he picked up from all that stone, but I sure hope he found Jesus, too!)…

Gallery: Lawrence Edmond Licking Cathedrals. Oh Yes…

man licking bristol Cathedral

Above: Bristol Cathedral, England, UK.

winchester cathedral

Above: Winchester Cathedral, England, UK.

Bradford Cathedral image

Above: Bradford Cathedral, England, UK.

Chelmsford Cathedral

Above: Chelmsford Cathedral, England, UK.

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oventry Cathedral image

Above: Coventry Cathedral, England, UK.

Durham Cathedral image

Above: Durham Cathedral, England, UK.

lick_ely_2 image

Above: Outside at Ely, England, UK.

Norwich Cathedral image

Above: Norwich Cathedral, England, UK.

man Licking Ripon Cathedral

Above: Ripon Cathedral, England, UK.

St Pauls Cathedral

Above: St Pauls, England, UK // Credits: All photos shown in this set are Copyright © Lawrence Edmonds. You can read more about this and see more images over at

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