666 – [Part 1] Investigating the Mark of the Beast Symbol

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Can you remember a few weeks back when I wrote this post about the mark of the beast? Well, I have now found enough time to produce the first part regarding this study.

Watch the “MARK OF THE BEAST Symbol” Video Below:

666 menuIs this Symbol the Mark of the Beast spoken about in the Bible? Take a journey with me as we explore if this symbol represents 666. Will this symbol be stamped on peoples’ heads? Will this be used as the New World Order Logo? The investigation starts right here. Don’t forget to subscribe for future updates!!

Mark of the Beast Symbol

Copyrights: This is a screencast of my desktop showing images/video (from Google image search) as seen on the internet. All images that appear in the screencast are copyright © their respective holders.
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3 thoughts on “666 – [Part 1] Investigating the Mark of the Beast Symbol”

  1. Tim Clark

    I think you are touching on the “V” for the Mayan 5th age also if you remember the “V” sign was signaled by Spock on Star Trek for “Vulcan”. I believe it is another name for Satan. It seems to me that the official title of the Pope in Latin Gematria adds up to “666”. I think if you look into the “Eye of Horus” symbol being a graphic artist you will see that the 3 “V” of a triangle or pyramid with the “eye” or dot in the middle also is related to your mark of the Beast investigation. The most shocking and probably most significant connection that I have found is if you look at the “Eye of Horus” Egyptian symbol and a cross section of the Human brain through the portion of the pineal gland you will see an exact match with the “Eye of Horus”. Of course this leads to the connection that you are getting to related to the Hindu’s and the dot between the eyes on the forehead in either a “V” or dot shape concerning the “activation of the 3rd eye”. I believe that the mark of the beast is related to some implant that accentuates the frequency of the 3rd eye which is the “enlightenment” that kundalini yoga practitioners seek in awakening the serpent energy in the spine. So my hypothesis is that the Devil will dwell in the human temple not made with hands like the “Holy Spirit dwells in the the Christian flesh our Most Holy Place. The devil will use technology to increase the frequency to control the spirit of man through demonic possession making man a beast.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Wow Tim, that’s some detailed info you left me here. I’m aware of the Mayan aspect and the Hindu signs (in fact, I already have the Hindu part recorded already for instalment 3 of this series), but as for the the other things, I will look into them! Thanks for your contribution and letting me know Tim…

  3. Sarah Allen

    Mr, Kelsall,
    I am at you tube watching your videos.
    The Jewish Priests use a hand symbol when giving the Priestly Blessing in the shape of a V the actor that played Dr.Spock in star trek was actually Jewish and incorporated the hand symbol into his character. The V hand symbol has been used by Jewish priests for thousands of years.
    Could you please elaborate on this???