Michael Jackson is dead, but Jesus is alive

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I’ve always been an admirer of some of Michael Jackson’s music, and I was sad to hear of his death today, like many of us.

At the relatively young age of 50, his death should be a reminder to us all about how fickle life can be. I don’t know where he stood with the LORD; whether he was saved or not, but this is not the point of this article. The reason for this post is to plead with the unsaved.

If you have been witnessed to before, and thought that one day you’d make the decision to follow Jesus Christ as your LORD and Saviour, why not make it this day? Just like the late Michael Jackson, you never know when your time will come. There may never be a tomorrow to accept the free gift of Salvation that is available to all mankind.

Don’t put it off, I plead with you. You never know when the door will be shut—with no more opportunity for eternal life in Heaven. I’m not the type of person to give watered-down massages, so I’ll also remind you of the consequences of not submitting to God—eternal punishment in Hades—translated into Hell in modern translations of the Bible.

If you are considering becoming a Christian, please read the article What does it mean to be a born again Christian? over at GotQuestions.org. Doing so may start you off on the greatest journey of your life. Don’t put off the decision to accept Christ another day.


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25 thoughts on “Michael Jackson is dead, but Jesus is alive”

  1. Christina

    This is so true. Jesus loves us, why not love him and accept him as your Personal Savior. He is the truth the only truth.

  2. Andrew Kelsall


    I may indeed be a “likeable sort”, but I have a word of advise for you about maturity:

    Holy Bible, ESV : 1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.

    God bless 🙂

  3. quedula

    Very poetic Andrew, but hardly advice.

    I would advise Barry to keep on with his work of exposing religion for what it truly is: a product of psychological immaturity and lack of reasoning ability.

    I would advise you to read Sam Harris’s “Letter to a Christian Nation” ( among others, but this one is short and a good start)

  4. Mark

    Good points. I prayed for Michael’s salvation from time to time. I pray for other celebrities that have meant a lot to me too; some more consistantly than others.

    There are a lot of “good men” in showbiz, but human goodness isn’t enough. It takes Jesus. In additional to having eternal life with God, those of us who are saved get to enjoy a relationship with Him while we are here on Earth (where our eternal life in Him begins). I do hope Michael’s death will serve as a reminder and witness to those who have heard the Gospel, but who haven’t as yet believed it.

  5. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → At least we have one thing in common, as we’re both against religion. Please read my comments on the article about Aethiests for my stance on people in religion, not relationship with Jesus Christ:


    @Mark → Thank you for your meaningful comment, I hope to have more valuable input from commenters like yourself 🙂

    The Michael Jackson memorial service was quite a sad event, however, at least Jesus as LORD was proclaimed to 1 billion viewers through a song…

  6. Keith

    Michael was undoubtedly one of the greatest entertainers of all time and I believe God gave him amazing gifts which he chose to use for gratification, self gain and glory.
    We must remind ourselves that scripture says that God is a jealous God and commands that we do not worship any other God but him. Michael made the choice to worship his own abilities, his creativity and attempted to put himself above God. Many also fell foul of it and idolised him as a god. As hard and crude as it may sound, could it be that, just as Lennon once said that the Beatles (or was it him) were greater or better known than Jesus, yet we all know what happened to him. Could it also be that Michael was taken because he was going down the same road. I worry when celebtrities and others actually believe they are bigger than Jesus and God. Lessons can be learned from Michale’s life and death:
    1. Do not worship anyone regardless who they are but God (Jesus) alone, Jesus has made it possible for us to be reconciled to the Father.
    2. Be careful how you present yourself to the world and do not become puffed up with pride and obsessed with self, creating for yourself wealth, power and glory that will all become nothingness eventually. All good things come from God and so it is important to give him glory in all things.

    I feel that Michael missed the point altogether during life and who knows where he really is now?

    The truth is, without Jesus we are lost completely and as already mentioned in teh Bible, Jesus made clear that there is a heaven and hell. For those who accept Jesus as Saviour, he will reconcile to the Father and also will be given a special place in heaven. For those who reject or turn away from him, a place called hell awaits. Jesus said it and I believe it.

    My testimony is that Jesus is very real. I am 44 yrs old now and have never stopped loving him since 14. As for Michael, I grew up watching him grow and develop into a power that caused many to worship him. Now he’s gone, what is left for those who worshipped him and fell foul of the devil’s lair. It is his parents and family that I now pray for; lost souls who need Jesus to fill that void.

  7. Spy

    If Jesus is alive, why does he then never answer if you ask him a direct question?
    Or why does he allow so much suffering in this world if he loves us this much?
    God did not create man, man created god – the universal fear of dying and wanting to go on after this life inspired us to create something bigger than us. Personaly I believe there is nothing after this life – I do not want to live forever.

  8. Andrew Kelsall

    @Keith → I agree with what you have written, I agree that people should not try to elevate themselves, but rather, be humble and give all glory to God, the Creator. However, I have no idea where Micheal Jackson stood with the LORD Jesus. Only he and God know this. I only ‘know’ about what I’ve read of him in the media.

    @Spy → Firstly, I’d just like to say that you’ve just answered your own questions with your statement:

    God did not create man, man created god 

    Why? Because you’re hardly going to gain an answer from Him if you don’t first believe in Him.

    In regards to your first question:

    If Jesus is alive, why does he then never answer if you ask him a direct question?

    Please read this article on Questioning God:

    In regards to your second question:

    If Jesus is alive, why does he then never answer if you ask him a direct question?

    Please read this article on September 11th tragedy:

    Like it or not, “Spy”, you will live forever. Whether this is in Heaven or hell is the choice of God. If He is calling you to be saved, don’t ignore it.

    Both articles are over at GotQuestions.org, a site dedicated to answering Bible and Christianity questions like yours.

    Thanks both of you for commenting 🙂

  9. quedula

    Surely if Jesus wants us to believe in him the best thing he could do is answer questions?

  10. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → Who said Jesus doesn’t answer questions? He’s answered mine many times. He requires an open heart towards Him before He answers them. The LORD doesn’t answer on-demand as proof of His existence.

    Only Faith pleased God, and if He revealed Himself to you, you would never need faith, as you would see Him; believing just from fear.

    Romans 1:16 : The Righteous Shall Live by Faith. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…

  11. quedula

    Ha, ha, you mean you THINK he answered you many times.

    God is in your head and only in your head. I “believe” your “revelations” are caused by small, abnormal electrical discharges in the temporal lobes of your brain. Can you prove I’m wrong?

  12. quedula

    As a matter of interest Andrew were your parents religious by any chance?

  13. quedula


    You say “The truth is, without Jesus we are lost completely”.

    I disagree.

    In the words of Sam Harris:-
    “We can be reasonable. It is in the very nature of reason to fuse cognitive and moral horizons. Reason is nothing less than the guardian of love”.

    We don’t need myths and fairy tales.

  14. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → If I would try and debate with you endlessly about if God existed, no good would come from this.

    If you read Ephesians 1 from the Bible , it will tell you that anyone is comes to Christ was predestined from the foundation of the world. You don’t choose God, He chooses you.

    I take it that you’ve heard the Gospel message, and if so, and you don’t believe it, why are you even questioning me? If you are looking for some kind of argument, I won’t give it to you.

    This blog may be the wrong place for you. If you want me to satisfy your curiosity, yes, my parents are saved, however, 2 of my brothers are not.

  15. quedula

    And I find it hard to believe that someone like yourself who is enjoying and prospering (I hope) from all the advantages of mankind’s scientific and hard-won progress, can imagine that, by quoting from primitive texts, texts incidentally that have been endlessly re-translated and re-edited for 2000 years, you can provide any kind of support for the existence of your invisible magic friend..

    On the other hand if you said that these texts simply provide support and reinforcement for a fantasy that exists in your mind I would be happy to read and discuss them as such.

  16. Andrew Kelsall

    @quedula → The Bible is the Word of God. Mock me if you want, but don’t mock the LORD Jesus—He may remind you of this conversation on Judgement Day.

  17. quedula


    In the beginning Man created ‘god’. The bible is obviously the word of primitive man talking about an imaginary concept that he invented to explain the many mysterious and fearful natural phenomena for which in those ignorant days he had no other explanation.

    The internet you are using to spread the christian gospel would not exist if mankind had found “god” a satisfactory and sufficient explanation for the natural world. Mankind has progressed notwithstanding theistic beliefs which, where they have had any influence, have only retarded the advance of scientific and rational enquiry.

    I shan’t disturb your peace of mind anymore. Enjoy your life.

  18. David

    A comment from a passing interneter:

    Hello Andrew, I cant help feeling people like Quedula and others of that ilk are determined to stop people believing in God. They equate believers with fanatics. They do not realize they are fanatical in their own way. They claim to have no faith. But their faith is in their own anti faith. However the trouble with atheists is that they feel feel guilty about their own so called state of complete freedom and bliss. They need to stop other misguided souls. Well the bible says they have seared their conscience and it is only a matter of time before their mode of reasoning becomes their undoing. There surely is no rest for the wicked.
    Bon Voyage

  19. Andrew Kelsall

    @David → Yeah, I think the biggest religion of all is atheism. I like what the WORD says

    Psalm 14:1, The fool says in his heart,“There is no God.”

    Thanks for your input

  20. quedula

    Hello David,

    Interesting comment.

    No, I assure you, I am not driven in anyway to stop people believing in god. Nor would I expect to be able to. However I am fascinated by the mental processes going on in believers’ minds and, if they are prepared to discuss it, I am happy to play devil’s advocate (if you will excuse the expression).

    Nor would I, as an atheist, equate you or Andrew with fanatics. I guess that neither of you, even if instructed by your God to do so would (for example) crash a plane into the Bank of England . Your innate moral sense would override God’s instructions. Nor can I think of any circumstance that would lead me to such action. In what way therefore would you define my fanaticism. I would not call you fanatics for not believing in Apollo or Zeus or Thor. Why call me a fanatic for not believing in the abrahamic god?

    You also refer to the “trouble with atheists”. Do you think it possible that one of the troubles of some believers is that from an early age they have been indoctrinated with the idea of “sin” and have hence come to envy guilt-free atheists their imagined lives of freedom & bliss? You may be comforted to know that I have never myself been particularly conscious of these feelings nor have I met any atheists who proclaim them.

    As to your reference to the Bible I refer you to my previous post. There is surely no peace of mind for the “saved”!

  21. quedula

    Hi Andrew,

    Just a quote: “If atheism is a religion, bald is a hair colour”.


  22. Janet

    Wow. It is amazing how fundamentalist you all seem to be. I was raised in a Christian home as well, but this is scary. Michael was a blessing. He was talented. And like myself, he refused to box himself in to any of the exclusionary, rigid religions this world offers. Praying for Michael? Pray for yourselves…

  23. NICK

    yes jesus DEAD And he alive. he come here for us becouse he loves us . he dead for us in cross . Yes we are sinners but he loves us . we must pray ,,jesus we are sinners but your heart its love”