Outstanding Christian Poem: I don’t believe in air

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Back at University, I worked on a project, whereby I illustrated Christian poetry. The following Poem “I don’t believe in air” is one of my all-time favourites. I don’t know who penned it—but it’s one of the most amazing Christian poems I’ve ever read.

Take a deep breath…

I Don’t Believe in Air

I don’t believe in air
No one has ever seen it
No one has ever felt it
between finger and thumb
Converts talk about
Tasting the air
and something in the air
but there’s always another explanation
the nearby sea, a factory’s pipes
a pile of fresh manure
It’s not the so-called air that smells

Scientists have complete faith in this air
They say that it upholds
and sustains our world
Take away the air, they argue
and we’d go too
Meteorologists attribute
Signs and wonders to the air
people thrown to the ground
trees uprooted, the landscape rearranged

It sounds like superstition to me
If there is air
who made it?
where does it all go?

why doesn’t it show itself
just one time for proof?

Friends ask me why windows rattle
and hair go awry
but I don’t believe in air
I don’t believe in air
air is just another word
For something that’s not there

If you were never into Christian poetry before, has reading this changed your mind? It did me when I was 21.

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