Plans for Pure Christian Graphic Design

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Hi there. Things round here at Pure Christian Graphic Design have been rather slow of late.

Future Plans

I plan to blog a lot more for Pure Christian Graphic Design. If I get my working schedule sorted out properly, I may end up posting every week on this site. I plan for this site to have a great future, but please bear with me while it gets on its feet. Appologies if you’ve left a comment and I haven’t replied. I’ll sort through my posts at some point and reply to every one.

Regards, Andrew

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One thought on “Plans for Pure Christian Graphic Design”

  1. noel

    Dear Andrew

    Greeting you in the Name of the Lord.

    I fell in love with your T-shirt slogans & texes.I am very much interestd in many of your articles on your site.

    P¨lease keep me updated when you have new stuff. Oh by the way I’m a reborn Christian and is in the process to open my own MINISTRY. Idea’s from your side would be very helpfull and much appreciated.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.