Pure Christian Graphic Design is now… Truth by Design

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I must admit, my blogging frequency on this site has fallen by the way-side in recent years. So, I have decided to spend more time updating it, and I thought it could do with a new name, too…

Here is the old ‘Pure Christian Graphic Design’ site design & name

As can be seen, the site was just titled ‘Pure‘ …Christian Graphic Design Services, by Creative Designer, Andrew Kelsall. The thing is, I wasn’t happy with the name, as I originally chose the URL www.purechristiangraphicdesign.com because it would rank highly in Google, and was descriptive of my online business.

SCREENSHOT for Pure Christian Graphic Design

Here is the new ‘Truth by Design’ site design and new name/branding:

As can be seen, I have now entitled the site (and subsequent design services) ‘Truth by Design‘, which was actually my old strap-line for another Christian site I ran 15 years ago! I’ve always loved the concept of the name, but now the URL is taken by a Chinese-looking site, so I will just be keeping the old URL, so no change there.

SCREENSHOT for Truth by Design

If you visit my site (if you’re reading this via my email newsletter), you’ll see that the front page shows my designs, and now, I’m starting to feature some T-Shirt designs of my own via my online shop named ‘Kelsorian‘ (the illustration arm of my online business).

Of course, this is still, and always will be a Christian site (the Lord willing) – so now the site strap-line is: CHRISTIAN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION.

I hope you like the new design and direction, so stay tuned for more upcoming work and blog posts!

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