The Rapture of the Church will NOT Happen Tomorrow

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harold camping date setter

Last year, I wrote a post about this so-called “Christian” billboard design that angered me somewhat:

Jesus Returning Dec 21 2011 image

I don’t want to be negative here, but there are some “Christians” making a mockery out of the Christian Faith. Here, we have the prediction from Harold Camping that the rapture of the church will happen tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow will be here, and I will do my best to spread the true Christian message as long as I breathe air.

If it’s not December 21st 2012, it’s May 21st 2012 or any other date that people “calculate”. Take a look at the billboard design above; it should never have been designed. It will mislead people and strips Christians of their credibility.

If you are a Christian and have your heart set on such-and-such a date, please stop it. Just live your life for Jesus and quit worrying about such things. Yes, we will know when the time is near, and personally, I do believe we are close to Christ’s Return, but we are Not to try and set dates.

Further reading (off site): Is it possible to know when Jesus is coming back?

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3 thoughts on “The Rapture of the Church will NOT Happen Tomorrow”

  1. Jason Vana

    It really is falling into the same trap that Adam and Eve stepped into – the lie that we can understand this God, figure Him out and know exactly what He will do. He is the incomprehensible God – we will never understand His thoughts or His ways. Its the height of pride to say we can figure things like this out.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Jason → Yes, I totally agree with you. This kind of thing is the opposite of what Christianity requires.

    Analogy: While the majority of peace-loving muslims have to contend with radical extremists, we Christians have to contend with the date-setters, false prophets and charletons.

    Thanks for commenting…

  3. Josh Lew

    Not to be confrontational, but It would seem that a prophesy in the bible with an actual date would be very helpful for us non believers as it would show without a shadow of a doubt something predicted was true. Prophecies such as “her body would be eaten by dogs” is simply far to easy to write into the bible after she’s dead. Even if it did happen, frankly I’d expect a more impressive prophecy than stray dogs eating a corpse. By always leaving a back door out for god to not intervene or “work in mysterious ways”, I’m reminded of the quote:

    “When Inventing a god, The most Important thing is to claim it is invisible, inaudible and imperceptible in every way. Otherwise people will become skeptical when it appears to no one, is silent and does nothing.”