Suicide Fish

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Suicide Fish comic

This “Suicide Fish” cartoon captivated me the first time I saw it, and still does more than a year afterwards. It’s just such a powerful image, that I thought I’d share it with you. The artist named ‘Allanced’ stated:

…an old sketch I found on my vaults. I did it years ago. I made the first version on 1997 black and white. This color version became viral over the internet … I guess when you release an idea over the internet it belongs to the world.

In regards to the subject of suicide, I thought it prudent to include an extract from an article I noticed:

Question: “Why should I not commit suicide?”

Answer:Our hearts go out to those who have thoughts of ending their own lives through suicide. If that is you right now, it may speak of many emotions, such as feelings of hopelessness and despair. You may feel like you are in the deepest pit, and you doubt there is any hope of things getting better. No one seems to care or understand where you are coming from. Life just is not worth living…or is it?

If you will take a few moments to consider letting God truly be God in your life right now, He will prove how big He really is, “for nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37). Perhaps scars from past hurts have resulted in an overwhelming sense of rejection or abandonment. That may lead to self-pity, anger, bitterness, vengeful thoughts, or unhealthy fears that have caused problems in some of your most important relationships [read more].

For more articles on the Christian perspective on suicide, I recommend:

What is the Christian view of suicide? What does the Bible say about suicide?

Is it wrong to want to die?

Do we have an appointed time of death?

Credits: Image copyright © Allanced.

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