The Prayer Room

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A noticeboard with Prayer requests

This is the prayer room at the church that I attend — Hope House Church in Barnsley, England UK. I’ve only been in this room a couple of times after fasting for the day. It’s something I should really do more of. Prayer rooms help you to concentrate on Jesus Christ and what He wants you to pray for. There’s a whiteboard on the wall (above) where prayer requests and suggestions are made.

If your church doesn’t have a room dedicated to prayer, I highly recommend it! Here’s a few more Instagram photos of my last visit there. Yes, on the last photo I’m relaxing after an hour with God. Have you used a prayer room? Do you dedicate a room to prayer in your own home? Leave hour comments at the end of this article…

A display of artwork in the prayer room at Hope house church in Barnsley England

Oh LORD break our heart for what breaks yours

Oh LORD, break out heart for what breaks yours.

An image of a painting within the Christian Prayer room

Andrew Kelsall sitting in the prayer room

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  1. Ken Knyfd

    Wonderful post. An encouragement to all of us just getting started on this.