Top 10 Hollywood Christians

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Recently, included an article on the Top 10 Hollywood Christians. I’m not really a celebrity-loving person, but when these people are Christians too, I believe they’re worth noting—as to many people, they are looked-upon as role-models.

The top 10 list is comprised of: Denzel Washington, Martin Sheen, Patricia Heaton, Adriana Lima, Angela Bassett, Nicole Kidman, Evangeline Lilly, Christy Turlington, Kristin Chenoweth and Miley Cyrus.

To read more about these Christian Celebrities, you can head over to the original aricle over at Christian Colleges.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Hollywood Christians”

  1. Skysofly

    so do you agree or disagree with the list given? Or do you see them as men and woman who claim one thing but serve something other than what they claim to serve?

    I for one, based upon what scripture says, will know them by their fruits. Most if not all those actors and actresses star in movies with sensuality and sexual content which God opposes heavily. I’m glad I stopped watching tv.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Skysofly → You’re right about the “sensuality and sexual content” issue, although I don’t recollect Denzel Washington, for instance, been in a film where that has happened when he ws a Christian. I may be wrong?

    Anyway, if they say they’re saved, then I suppose they will bear fruit, as you stated. However, only God can judge the heart of a man. I’ll leave this in his hands 🙂

  3. Sky

    Absolutely God is the only one that can judge our hearts, but always remember that what is in our hearts will manifest itself on the outside.

  4. pixelsaint

    Most of these people are’nt biblical christians. The belong to organisations that seem christian on the outside. Your vocation is your vocation by choice, but on or off screen you are an ambassodor for Christ. The world is asking, where are the christians? where is God?. We dont believe in God, and “He” or “She’s” followers know little or nothing about “it”. We are commanded by Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of the virgen Mary, to judge the fruit of a tree. It is a command not a suggestion. Then we are commanded not to have fellowship with them. I salute you in being so bold in advertising yourself as a christian graphic designer. Keep up the good work and stay Christ centered! The world is waiting for the son’s of God to be revealed.

  5. Emman

    This list is laughable. I looked up who these people were and at least the majority of the women on the list popped up on google in revealing swimwear or wearing nothing at all. I recommend reading Proverbs 7:11-27. It is evident here to me that the entertainment industry is the harlot described in that verse. Many men and women fall victim to easing their ears and eyes to her ways. A certain actress from Miami in multiple interviews talked very embarrassingly of her revealing photos for some perfume/clothe line, that her host called “artistic” right before stating he has sensual feelings after looking at them. She also talked about an erotic opening movie scene, which she told her mom to come 10 min late for the screening, because she was embarrassed. If you can’t show your mother your works, why do it at all? These actors/actresses are leaving there conscious of morality at the door. I eventually became a critical thinking Christian and choose not to watch what I used to, because it was desensitizing. I for one stand by God, not any orders that the devil has established. I like Michael Keaton and Kurt Cameron, true stewards of God. They left the industry to minister to God in Mike’s case and Kurt making only movies that explicitly direct you to Jesus. Anything less isn’t as fulfilling to watch. Not to bash movies like Toy Story and the like, they are entertaining for a time, but always realizing that true fulfillment is in Christ Jesus, sharing His message to nonbelievers so they might believe and gain Him as the foundation, and partnering with believers for further edification.

  6. Andrew Kelsall

    @Sky, pixelsaint & Emman → After reading your comments, I must admit the Bible verse “you shall know them by their fruit” springs to mind. I think I’ll update this post in the future. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter; your feedback is both respected and appreciated 🙂