Wonderful Grapevine Booklet by Bubble Design

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image preview of the grapevine 2010 journey booklet cover design

Wonderful Grapevine Booklet by Bubble Design. Grapevine is an annual Christian Celebration that takes place over the August Bank Holiday period in Lincolnshire, here in the UK. The grapevine official site explains:

The church is on a Journey that brings influence and makes an impact for good within the nation. Something great happens when the church gathers together both locally as the body of Christ and nationally in Celebration, our Journey makes progress!

We believe that this Grapevine with its excellent programme for all ages and the ministry by our friends and guests, will be outstanding!

The actual celebration is very impressive, where Christians attend to worship God and hear great preaching—and non-Christians go to find out about true Christianity. Part of the success of this annual event is partly due to the great design of their promotional material, such as the Grapevine 2010 “The Journey” booklet design (Brochure) shown below.

This Grapevine booklet was produced by a UK design company named Bubble Design. It’s an absolutely fantastic design—and is every single year. The photos below are of the Grapevine 2010 booklet. Enjoy…

image of a 29th grapevine celebration booklet page

…Great typography.

image of a the grapevine Christian celebration inner pages

….Well laid-out inner pages.

image of the grapevine tent (bigtop), which is printed on brochure design

…Great inner illustration work (this image shows part of a Bigtop tent).

image of the grapevine 2010 booking pages (inside booklet)

…Wonderful, thick paper stock pages.

image of the church alive text in the grapevine booklet

…Striking colours and graphics.

Image of leader of grapevine, Stuart Bell on Grapevine booklet

…Here’s an inner photo of the Grapevine leader, Stuart Bell.

image of the grapevine 2010 booking form from brochure

…Even the inner contact booking form looks good.

image of the grapevine 2010 "the journey" booklet design

…A final shot of the front cover main image. You can see more of the design, which also forms the style for the Grapevine website. If you like this style of design, I would highly recommend the Bubble Design who designed it.

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Grapevine Booklet by Bubble Design”

  1. Anton Fowler

    Only just stumbled across this, as the Creative Director of Bubble. I LOVE this! x

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    @Anton → No worries. I’ve been a fan of the Grapevine booklets for years now; there’s a great body of work there. I also picked up one of the Bubble Design bright pink business cards last year from the market place.

    I was on my way to Grapevine this year, but missed it as I had a car crash on the way there. I posted the pic about it here: http://www.andrewkelsall.com/day-could-have-died/

    Thanks for visiting 🙂