WAR isIS COMING – Illustration

The other day, an old Viking coin replica appeared on my desk. I hadn’t seen it for a while, and I have no idea why it all of a sudden re-surfaced. I knew, however, that it had significance. The sword is coming.

My New Illustration: WAR isIS COMING

War is coming soon Illustration by Andrew Kelsall

If you follow my videos on YouTube, it will be of no surprise to you that my attention is now drawn to a sort of activism. I believe I have been called to be a watchman, and my illustrative work can support this.

ISIS Destroyed?

I know one thing for sure – war is coming. The end times are approaching fast and WW3 is at the door. I don’t know if it will be in one month or a few years, but we should all be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

Whether WW3 will feature ISIS or not. Maybe, like some watchmen say, ISIS or ISIL will be destroyed soon. Either way, war is coming. We need not fear, but be hidden in Christ Jesus.

I give all the Glory to Jesus Christ for all the good that I do.

Further Information // “WAR isIS COMING – Illustration” // The image shown within this post is © Copyright Andrew Kelsall (Creative Commons – please use for the Glory of Jesus Christ).

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Logo Design Refresh for Escape from hell Ministries

I recently launched a logo design refresh service that enables anyone with an existing logo to have it updated. I just completed one such logo for Escape from hell Ministries as shown below:

Logo Design Refresh for EFH Ministries:

A comparrison of the old and new logo designs

As can be seen in the image above, I have kept the ‘essence’ of the logo the same, but updated it and made it look more professional. As well as making the actual logo emblem look more pleasing, I also overhauled the typography, which worked really well.

Logos which were sent to ANdrew kelsall to refresh and redesign

The very first logo that the client showed me was even in blue and purple, but like the second version I was presented with above, the red and black colours worked best.

The final EFH ministried logo design

The final logo I refreshed and updated also included a version showing different text – EFH Ministries. All final logos were supplied in various vector format and even Pantone Colour versions were included.

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Do you have your own logo, but it needs a refresh? Have you designed your own logo, but it needs professionally updating? If so, this design service may be just what you need – and it’s available Worldwide!

The Price?

Just £99 (approx. $150 USD) Simply fill out the No-Obligation form below, and I’ll get back to you. If the logo you need updating is a ‘standard’ design, I’ll quote you the price above. Note: if your logo is more illustrative, such as a complicated shield-type emblem, the quote cost may be more, but £99 would be the cost in most cases.

What will you Receive?

Your logo will be professionally refreshed. This means that it will be updated, brought up-to-date and presentable. Just like in the example shown above, the concept of the logo has been retained, but it has been taken to the next level.

The updated logo would also be reproduced in professional vector (scalable) graphics and supplied in industry standard file-formats for use on print and web.

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Cross Walkies Photo Illustration

In the same sort of design streak displayed in my Photo Illustration, Jesus By My Garden Shed, I have entitled this one ‘Cross Walkies’…

Photo Illustration: Cross Walkies

Illustration entitled cross walkies by designer, Andrew Kelsall


Well, I was simply experimenting in one of my Moleskine notebooks and decided the draw around my thumb. I then decided to draw a cross in the illustration, which is just random stuff that came to mind. There’s no real plan here, just pure creativity!

So as the story goes—I was out walking my Springer Spaniel, Bailey, to take some photos of some foil prints I designed for ARB Letterpress and I took a few photos of my book, with some of them featuring my dog.

As I compiled the illustration in Photoshop, I thought to myself “what is the meaning of this design?”. No idea, but I thought shining a red beam behind the cross may help people think of what Jesus did on the cross at Calvary. Maybe also, the cross represents clarity in our lives so full of random issues. Yes. Yes. That was the meaning all along…

Further Information // “Cross Walkies Photo Illustration” // The image shown within this post is © Copyright Andrew Kelsall (Creative Commons – please use for the Glory of Jesus Christ).

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