Mark of the Beast Video Series, Episodes 15-20

It’s been a while since I posted my videos, so here are parts 15-20 of my ‘Investigating the Mark of the Beast Series‘ on YouTube…

Image of Mark of the Beast Video Series

911 Coverup, V for Vendetta & Spock Connections! [ 666 Part 15 ]

In this edition of my series, I firstly look into the how the logos of American Airlines and United Airlines ties-in to the 911 coverup. I then look into the use of the V for Vendetta mask/image in the works of anonymous activists and question their real intent! Finally, I delve into the world of Spock and Gene Roddenberry.

The Verizon Controversy, Nokia 666, Motorola & Auto V? [ 666 Part 16 ]

In this edition of my series, I firstly look into the Verizon logo and how it shows the “666 tick mark” symbol. I also take a look at other symbology in other logos for Nokia and an online backup solution.

666 Hidden in Your Kids Movies? [ Part 17 ]

Don’t. Ever. Take. The. Mark.

666 Mark of the Beast Series Update + More Finds [ Part 18 ]

In this episode, I give an update of various aspects of this series, as well as showing another couple of “V 666” finds. Watch this before I get into some series finds in Episode 19 coming soon.

666 Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Movies & YouTube Ads? [ Part 19 ]

In this episode, I talk more about the possible logo/symbol for the NWO 666 sign. I talk about the hidden symbology within the movie, Oblivion with Tom Cruise and also the 666 Beats logo. Episode 20 coming soon.

Evil 666 Symbology in HollyWood Movies & More [ Part 20 ]

In this Episode, I look into all the evil symbology contained in the first 11 minutes of movie “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise. I also take a look at Monsanto, the band VNV nation and group “The Rapture” and their CD album image. Also, see what “Chvrches” is!

Mark of the Beast Video Series, Episodes 15-20 >> Stay Tuned for more videos From Truth by Design (Pure Christian Graphic Design). See Also: 666 Part 10.

Christian T-Shirt Design – Repent Cross Trailer

V Neck and Tshirt designs

I have just completed a new design for a T-shirt, which is aptly named “Repent Cross Trailer“. I came up with the idea when I was travelling with my wife, and saw an old lorry trailer on the side of the motorway. It had painted on it some sort of Christian message, although I can’t remember exactly what it said.

It did give me an idea, though. I thought that the word REPENT may be enough… if the trailer was held up by the Cross of Christ Jesus.

The T-Shirt is available to buy as V-Necks, Dolans, Tank-Tops, Sweaters and more, for both men and woman over on by new T-Shirt shop (which is named Kelsorianmy new illustration brand). I may have more designs to come, so stay tuned.

Christian Jumper or Sweater Design

View or Buy here.

Pink Hoodie with Christian based motif design

Christian Tank Top Design

View or Buy here.

Christian Womans Dolan design

Off white womans or ladies Christian jersy

View or Buy here.

Blue Christian Tee design with Repent Trailer motif

Pink Christian womands Tee Design

View or Buy here.

Further Information // “Christian -Shirt Design: Repent Cross Trailer” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Andrew Kelsall – under the Kelsorian Illustration Branding.

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WAR isIS COMING – Illustration

The other day, an old Viking coin replica appeared on my desk. I hadn’t seen it for a while, and I have no idea why it all of a sudden re-surfaced. I knew, however, that it had significance. The sword is coming.

My New Illustration: WAR isIS COMING

War is coming soon Illustration by Andrew Kelsall

If you follow my videos on YouTube, it will be of no surprise to you that my attention is now drawn to a sort of activism. I believe I have been called to be a watchman, and my illustrative work can support this.

ISIS Destroyed?

I know one thing for sure – war is coming. The end times are approaching fast and WW3 is at the door. I don’t know if it will be in one month or a few years, but we should all be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

Whether WW3 will feature ISIS or not. Maybe, like some watchmen say, ISIS or ISIL will be destroyed soon. Either way, war is coming. We need not fear, but be hidden in Christ Jesus.

I give all the Glory to Jesus Christ for all the good that I do.

Further Information // “WAR isIS COMING – Illustration” // The image shown within this post is © Copyright Andrew Kelsall (Creative Commons – please use for the Glory of Jesus Christ).

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